Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Top10 London (Borders); Herbie: Fully Loaded (BTS); Jln Alor

Woke up late in the afternoon since its holiday, & I din't go any places to countdown but I'm still stayin late yesterday night watching my DVDs'collection of Jurassic Park :p

Went t to Times Square's Border with Dly whole evening doing research, bought few travel books (London) & Programming book. Not much travellin book wriiten in Chinese, even for English subtitle, we only manage to find 3books on Myanmar -_-"

We're sitting there (chair/floor) whole day as we browse through the travel books on London & Myanmar b4 buyin it. I found out the best travel book was from the publisher 'DK' & 'National Geographic'. Since 'DK' series are more up to date (re-printed on 2005 ) I bought a the 'DK' handbook 'Top10-London' (cheaper, smaller in size & easier to carry). The travel books on both publishers dint really intro much on those xxx place/pub, anyway I've make enough note from others publisher :p

While Dly only found few travel books on Myanmar with wordings only -_-" no pix at all o.O, of course he dint bought it since it's not written in Chinese (preferred) and not picture.

We went for the movie on 6:50pm (bought the tickets earlier when we reach there - no discount on wed coz it's holiday), the cinema was so pack even that the 1st rows was full -_-" but this was the only time it showing for the whole day, the movie is quite ok & funny too, those racing driver look good too :p Too bad that they only appear for a while :(

After movie we go over Jln. Alor to have our dinner after buying some PC stuff at Low Yat. I order rice with pork meet, so funny that they give me a "big bowl" with rice & meet inside & chopstick to eat -_-" I though they suppose to serve on plate? or use a small bowl to used with chopstick ?_?

Overall Rating: B

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Merdeka Eve

Today is Merdeka Eve, and it is already pass 8pm and yet I'm still in the office alone doing my work, in the mean time waiting for my friends come over for dinner, he's still workin till now too :p

Dly giving me excuse not to meet me tonight due to traffic jam.... He suppose to meet up his X, but due to his X got OT till 8pm++ they cancelled the meetup. Seem meeting X more important? I think i should go find my X too :p

What else can I say? One word to desc all "boring". Anyway I doesn't like crowed place too. I know Atmosphere, LQ, PLU cafe have event and function goin on, but I'm not a clubbing guy moreover I'm alone (interm of soul). ps. most of them in my group of friends do not enjoy clubbing too :)

Since I will be goin over to Time Square's Border tomolo for some travel research on books with Dly. I'm going London this coming Sept & Myanmar end of the year or maybe begining of next year with Dly & maybe my group of friends (still in the process of plannin) plus we have to wait till 'MARTA' fair, till now I'm just focus on my next month London + Spain business & backpacking tour.

The song sing by Akon "Lonely, I'm so lonely, I'm nobody for my own........." best describe my emotion feeling now

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool (Kelana Jaya); Studio23 Satay (Ampang); NewWay K (Cheras)

Went swimming with Dly in the afternoon around 4pm (session closed at 5pm) Enterance fees @RM4, expensive? There was a notice saying that the enterance fees increased on 1st August.

This the first time I went there, it has been long time I din't go for swimming since....err.... last year?? I'm only able to swim few laps, due to poor stamina, guess I dint excersice for quite some time, huh?? hmm... It's time for me rebuilt my stamina.

Not really like the pool coz it's not deep enough but it's good for Dly since he dont swim well. Many ppls over there with all type of races, malays, indian, chinese. I prefer Chin Woo's pool more as mostly Chinese there (I'm abit racist) Beside that, as I can recall most of them are pro swimmer. I enjoy seeing them swimming too :p Din't go there for almost 2 years since my last break off with my X.

After that we take a short walk in the park then straight to Ampang for dinner (opposite Flamingo Hotel) where Dly highly recommend it. Its call Station 23 if not mistaken. We meet his friend there. Hmm....satay ... i though the best was in Kajang?? Suprisingly the satay there was so delicious until we over ordered and wasted 2 satay sticks, not eaten :(

Later on, we went to look for my friend yam cha near Miharja condo. Dly's friend have a sudden plan of K session, since Dly wanted to meet his friendss (actually my friend in that group too, what a small small world) that long time no meet & I din't sing K on that place b4 & Jer "Song God" is goin too, so we decided to go.

To my disappointed, NewWay has too little songs to choose from as most of my favourite songs was not listed, I more prefer RedBox. We sing till late night and went back around 4am but our friends still continue their singin since 4hours ago -_-" paying @RM39 each.

I need to sleep early for the following days inorder to make my 'black eyes' disappear, it look so ugly :(

Friday, August 26, 2005

Min's Kitchen (Cheras)

Go for gathering as usual with my group of friends, opposite "Bu Yea Tian" hawker center in cheras. Our group become quite a big group later on from 6ppls --> 12ppls

Actually we've been lookin for this place since one of the PLU cafe's owner intro us, only found out the location recently where one of my younger god bro stayin just above (condo) there -_-"

The enviroment there was good, nice lady boss too, as we get free foodss :) The foods is ok, nth much to complain about except for the pricing, that are quite expensive, beverage price is still acceptable.

The sky was not that good as it rain whole night. Can't c the planet MARS as planned haizzzz hope tomorrow it will be a clear sky :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bewitched (1U); Hakka Rest (1U)

Dint really wan to watch these type of movie coz it look boring. Dly wanted to watch it so desperate make me no choice, luckily we have a deal later on where if there is any more of "these" kind of movie, he'll watch it with his friends, not me.

Nothing much to complain or praise about the movie coz i'm not lookin at screen most of the time as the movie was so dull. Got the same feeling as few year back where i watch LOTR-2Towers "alone" with 2tickets on the day b4 CNY (chap go mei) where my X fly me aeroplane...... again in one word, sien....

We when makan b4 the show in Hakka restorant?? (beside Kenny Rogers) around that name :p

That was the first & last time me & my friends ever eat there!! The foods suck.... The rice look uncooked -_-" and the mee, wow, so damn small, I dont even think it can fill up my younger nephew (3yo) stomach... The price is still resonable but the food, no way!

Overall Rating: D

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Maid 女佣

Watch this movie with a large group 'P' friendss... (13ppls including 4couples, almost everyone have a profile in ax) Suppose to watch at mid night (more feel/scary), but due to tiring we watched at 9.50pm then we went PLU cafe for a drink.

Beside the movie, I enjoy the "alt movie" beside me where ppls closed his eyes + screaming sound LOL . Feel scary in the beginning, but after a while when the maid found out that the dead body in the drum, everything seem so boring after that.
Few weird scene appear in the movie that i don't know wat's the purpose or not logic at all....
  1. The Scorpions
    Y it appear on screen? moreover it's so huge -_-" no function at all, just shoot the 2 scorpion moving then that's all, its not scary at all -_- OR just director's pet to show off he rare these scorpion???

  2. The Shadow
    From the movie the coffin delivery driver just say it will make the person very bad luck if the shadow of the coffin touch that person, but how come the maid 'wati' gone crazy & jump down from building after that ?_? She been sitting there a while b4 jumping but no ppl stop her ?_?

  3. The Killer
    The maid 'Mum' standing in the middle of road for quite a while.. y can't the driver stop the car or at least 'Honk' b4 knocking her? The driver should have more then enough time to do these action!! OR it is b'coz the driver is Singaporean drive ?_?

  4. The Ghost
    Last but not least.. i wonder how the ghost survive under the sun light in the morning & afternoon ?_? i never hear ppl saw "these thing" during daylight... "the ghost" in this movie surprisingly strong & powerful -_-"

Conclusion: Bad movie, not worst seeing it but it worth seeing the one beside u with all sort of action LOL

Overall Rating: C-

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Island

To my surprise, the movie is much more better then i though! No dull scene at all o.O Just wonder y it was gonna drop from cinema scene so fast ?_?

Nice actor/actress & very nice high tech stuff. Like the car so much & the bike too, not to forgotten about he boat too, hope can own one in future XD

Hmm.. cloning seem good idea beside helping those needed, how about cloning Owen or some Honkee celebrities & I'll teach them all the stuff hehehe XXDDD

ps. virgin some more LOL :evil: Gonna collect the DVD later XD

Overall Rating: B+

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stealth (Klang Parade)

Went for movie in Klang Parade with Dly, surprisingly it was so pack in the cinema, almost 90% full -_-"

Sitting 5th row front from the screen even with phone booking early in the morning -_-", everything was so huge & big, eyes were so tiring & can't really c well actually :/ Wonder how those sitting on first & 2nd row can tahan -_-"

Conclusion, movie not bad, actor not bad too :p just some dumb dumb love scene that can be ignore in Thailand, i think they just to make the movie length longer...

Overall Rating: B

Friday, August 12, 2005

Killing my wallet softly in Mega SALES

Hmm... went The Curve yest & bought some clothing & pants. This is the 3rd time of the month I went for clothing & it's just middle of month..

OMG there goes my salary..... Y SALES? Y it's so temptation? After that went makan with friend in A&W, so late and yet so pack over there -_-"