By this time you should already heard of the antics of Raja Bomoh and the many parodies that inspired by them through your favorite social network out there. We don’t want to attract attention to him any more since we already discussed about him yesterday but this particular parody is rather too good not to share.

Turns out, someone came out with an online store called Bomoh Gadgets Malaysia which allows you to purchase all the props you might need to be just like Raja Bomoh. Yup, “Magical Coconuts” are available as well.

Despite being just a parody online store (obviously), the store actually works according to one of our forumer in the Kopitiam section and we have also verified that fact ourselves. From the store cart to purchase confirmation notification, everything works fine. Just that, you are not able to complete your purchase since the banking information…well, you can see it below:
Bomoh Gadgets Malaysia Online Store Purchase Notification

Not to forget, the price tags for all these so-called “bomoh gadgets” are rather hefty. Then again, since they have magical powers…heh. In case you wondering, these are the “available” products at the online store with the traditional fish trap being the cheapest in the list and the flying carpet as the most expensive:
Bomoh Gadgets Malaysia Online Store

Despite the comic relief that this and other Raja Bomoh’s parodies have provided to us, let’s not forget that the Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 are still out there waiting to be saved. Let’s continue to pray and hope for its swift discovery by the multinational personnel that are currently working together around the clock in the SAR operation for MH370.