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wpid vw malaysia customer service2

Volkswagen Malaysia FB flooded with bad post and comments from VW car owners especially their bad VW Golf, Polo, Passat, Jetta and others with DSG gearbox and unreliable engine problem. We were very shocked when we found a lot of customer complaint inside their official wall.

Some of them call VW as the Very Worst car brand with so many problem and they regret owning a money sucker car from VW. Read more bad experience from some of VW owners below.


VW = Very Worst brand, fyi it is problematic car, with that price shud consider others. Had changed my engine after 10 months and Very Worst after sales service…

hear that lot of complaint after sales service abt DSG all vw car….?o

Its a problematic car. My 2 years car had been in & out service centre for nearly 15 times.

Crazy pricing and lousy after sale service. Might as well get a Mercedes for that price.

Customer service is terrible seriously

service are poooooooooooooooooor.

Problematic car. Bad after sale service. When you buy a rm200K car, you don’t expect all this trauma and hassles.

Nicole Wong:
I always believe Volkswagen is a trustworthy brand and customers’ satisfaction is always the company’s highest priority. But I’m very sad to say I’m very disappointed with my experience this time with your company.

My car is among one of the recall units for replacement of mechatronics of DSG gearbox due to manufacturer’s defect. On 6 Aug 2013, as scheduled, I sent in my car to your Ipoh road service centre to perform the repair works.

Unfortunately, my car has yet to be fixed and returned to me up till today, which is at least 10 working days since the day I sent in my car. I’m very disappointed because I didn’t expect the repair work to take so long. As stated in your letter, the checks and all necessary repair works will only require 3 hours to be completed.
I truly understand that my case is a ‘special’ case as explained by your service supervisor. However it is still very unfair to me as it has caused me a lot of inconveniences. Appreciate the initiative to give me a courtesy car since 7 Aug 2013, the second day I sent in my car, but disappointingly, I have yet be given a courtesy car until today.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem.

Chan Char :
Its an agonizing 1 hour drive from KL to your service center at Jln 222 without AIRCON!!! Just bought the car for 2 months and its giving me quite a number of issues.

1. Aircon died on me.
2. Exzos is making some weird noises.
3. Vibrating while changing from gear 5 to 6.
4. And others.

And I thought German made cars are of higher quality.
Really disappointed.

wpid vw malaysia customer service2 Volkswagen Malaysia FB flooded with bad post and comments from VW car owners especially their bad VW Golf, Polo, Passat, Jetta and others with DSG gearbox and unreliable engine problem. We were very shocked when we found a lot of customer complaint inside their official wall. Some of them call VW as the Very Worst car brand with so many problem and they regret owning a money sucker car from VW. Read more bad experience from some of VW owners below. VW MALAYSIA SHOCKING BAD AFTER SALES CUSTOMER SERVICE – VOLKSWAGEN CARS OWNERS PISSED OFF EXPERIENCES ON VW FB! VW = Very Worst brand, fyi it is problematic car, with that price shud consider others. Had changed my engine after 10 months and Very Worst after sales service… hear that lot of complaint after sales service abt DSG all vw car….?o Its a problematic car. My 2 years car had been in & out service centre for nearly 15 times. Crazy pricing and lousy after sale service. Might as well get a Mercedes for that price. Customer service is terrible seriously service are poooooooooooooooooor. Problematic car. Bad after sale service. When you buy a rm200K car, you don’t expect all this trauma and hassles.

Nicole Wong:
I always believe Volkswagen is a trustworthy brand and customers’ satisfaction is always the company’s highest priority. But I’m very sad to say I’m very disappointed with my experience this time with your company.

 My car is among one of the recall units for replacement of mechatronics of DSG gearbox due to manufacturer’s defect. On 6 Aug 2013, as scheduled, I sent in my car to your Ipoh road service centre to perform the repair works.

 Unfortunately, my car has yet to be fixed and returned to me up till today, which is at least 10 working days since the day I sent in my car. I’m very disappointed because I didn’t expect the repair work to take so long. As stated in your letter, the checks and all necessary repair works will only require 3 hours to be completed. 

I truly understand that my case is a ‘special’ case as explained by your service supervisor. However it is still very unfair to me as it has caused me a lot of inconveniences. Appreciate the initiative to give me a courtesy car since 7 Aug 2013, the second day I sent in my car, but disappointingly, I have yet be given a courtesy car until today.

 I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem.

Chan Char :
Its an agonizing 1 hour drive from KL to your service center at Jln 222 without AIRCON!!! Just bought the car for 2 months and its giving me quite a number of issues.

1. Aircon died on me.
2. Exzos is making some weird noises.
3. Vibrating while changing from gear 5 to 6.
4. And others.

 And I thought German made cars are of higher quality. Really disappointed.

Vijay Ananth :
Yet another horrible experience with Volkswagen Malaysia. My car could not start this morning! Called up the so called premium 24hours auto assist. First call 20 mins to get through, after taking down my details they tell me they can only deploy the tow truck in about an hour, so scheduled for 3pm so I can get to work but I get an SMS stating tow truck will be over in 0 mins! So I waited for 10 mins for tow truck guy to call but no one did, I called back the “premium” auto assist and after 35 mins of answering machine putting me on hold, someone answers me and tell me no the tow truck will come only at 3pm, then why send a false text and keep me waiting for no reason? Since I am already super late for work I told them to just send the tow truck immediately! They said it will be here in 45mins to an hour. After 40mins of waiting tow truck guy calls and asks for address and tell me they just got the order and will be here in about an hours time! What an excellent quality and customer service! It is a disgrace if this company is ISO 9001 certified! My gear box problem is also not solved and I’ve been waiting for 3 months already. Apparently VW forgot to register my car with allianze insurance for their extended warranty program so they are just making me wait and the car condition deteriorate!! I’ve asked for my car to be rectified first while the paper works sorted out also they could not consider!! So many calls that I make are also not entertained or returned? Complain on Facebook wall, someone took my details down and tells me they are attending to it but apparently another paper work created with no answer!!! You guys are really terrible! I really am regretting buying Volkswagen, my Honda was way more reliable and I got much better care from Honda service center!!
My details if anyone is interested in helping, mail me at

Yeehang :
To person in charge of customer services, I am currently driving a Volkswagen CC Sport 2013 just bought it in the early 2013. Not even driving it for a year and I am returning to Volkswagen service center for 4 times due to the problem of AIR BAG INDICATOR. The last time was on 14 of Aug and today, 16 of Aug, the air bag indicator light up again for no reason. Several times i returning to Volkswagen Service Center located in Cheras Selatan and the technician told me they cant detect any faulty on the system and they just some how turn off the indicator light and it will light up again after few days or weeks. I felt very frustrated of wasting my precious time going back there to fix it again and again. It is very unprofessional for the technician of Volkswagen as they can’t even fix a small problem of my car for so many times and wasting all my time returning to a so called VOLKSWAGEN SERVICE CENTER. It is very disappointing on the quality of Volkswagen (GERMAN AUTOMOBILE) providing on a RM 250,000 car, and the skill of the technician. This nightmare experience really ruined the image of Volkswagen in my mind and I THINK VOLKSWAGEN MIGHT NOT BE MY FUTURE CHOICE ANYMORE if the problem still on going. I would be highly appreciate if Volkswagen Malaysia could take my case seriously and send me some truly certified and professional technician to fix my problems as I do not hope to visit the service center every month. Thank you very much and highly appreciate if you could fix my problem.

Nalliah :
 I am a owner of Volkswagen Passat. I bought the car in July 2012. I drove the car from Sitiawan to Nilai. Parked the car in Nilai, the next morning could not start the car. Battery knocked off. Called the service center in Seremban, just told me off, sorry can’t do anything because of the Raya Holidays. Ok…when can this problem be rectified when asked, only on Monday (12/08/2013) that is today. Our holidays planned were all gone by the wind. 

Borrowed my son-in-laws car to come back to my hometown, assuring my son-in-law that the car battery will be replaced on Monday, since his day off (12/08/2013). He can tow the car to the nearest service station to replace the battery and use the Volkswagen to go to work the next day.

Imagine, how pissed off one can be when you are told no battery to replace because no stock after towing the car to the nearest service station. They have to order for the battery and you can get it replaced only next Monday. 

No way …… son is now still waiting there in service station for the problem to be rectificed.

What is the use of all the flowery advertisements….when Volkwagen Malaysia can’t even get the battery replaced immediately.

 My long weekend, was a horrible one with my Volkswagen Passat just a 1 year old car.

Eric :
Seriously volkswagen, you SUCK!!!
U ruin my raya holiday with a bus noise engine today n cant get it fix cuz u n ur men is goin raya? I just serviced my car a month ago and it start giving me problems after a month, r u kidding me? 2012 raya u ruin it too with a battery failure.
Seriously u suck to the max!!! 

Hanushia :
It has finally come to a point in which I have totally lost respect and faith in this very prestigious brand. Recently I got into an accident, in which i was hit from the back by a careless Myvi driver. So i decided to bring my car to the same VW dealer I got my car from. I am going to place the bitter moments chronologically:

1) The paint job (prior to the accident) was bad, so they promised to fix this issue by granting me a courtesy car in return
2) Unfortunately the accident occurred
3) The marketing personnel was kind enough to extend the duration of loan of the courtesy car from 3 days to as long as it takes for the car to be repaired. I repeat “to as long as it takes for the car to be repaired”
4) I sent in my car on July 23rd, I was promised the car will be done latest by August 6th (yes that long)
5) Last Friday (2 August 2013) at 1130, I got a call from the same marketing personnel, telling me needs the courtesy car back latest by Saturday morning (3 August 2013). According to him a customer who happens to be acquaintances with the Principal of VW needs the car. I was shocked.
6) I was so upset and decided to return the on Friday itself. Got a cab to the train station and got the train back home (I live in Seremban)
7) I texted both the Claims personnel and the marketing personnel today on the updates of my car, somehow the claims personnel have not replied me. The marketing personnel said it’ll be done on Wednesday 5pm. like WTH! Whatever happened to “latest by Tuesday”??

I am a young lady traveling daily from Seremban to the Klang Valley and imagine how stressful and annoying it is when you do not have a car! I am thankful that these fellas loaned the courtesy car to me but why on earth take it back to abruptly? Whatever happened to “Customers come first”?? Its a shame VW has been treating their customers in a such a demeaning manner! Look at Toyota and their customer service skills. They basically pamper their customers to bits unlike the cocky VW dealers. Some staffs of VW can actually boldly meddle with their HPs in front of the clients, absolutely ignoring our stares. Just because they work there, doesn’t mean its their fathers’ company. I am so darn tired of these nonsensical idiosyncrasies. I seriously regret getting a VW car. If only I knew how terrible VW is at treating their customers. Sorry VW I will not suggest this brand to any of my family members, friends, colleagues or anyone who comes up to me asking they should get a car from VW. Its a big NO NO. You people failed me and many of the other unsatisfied customers out there. SHAME.

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Masalah kereta volkswagen, kongsi  pengalaman anda..

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Obama: Malaysia won't succeed if minorities are oppressed

US President Barack Obama says Malaysia will only be able to make the leap from being a middle income nation to a high income nation when there is equal opportunity for all.

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俗话说:“ 功就要向成功者学习”。我发现:世界上赚钱最轻松,赚钱最多的国家就是美国。因此我一定要去研究清楚美国人是怎么赚钱的。如果我们中国想要超过美国,而不是成为美国的小跟班……唯一的办法就是把美国人的钱赚到中国来!

接 下来,在研究美国人赚钱的方法中:很惊讶的看到了这样的例子:美国耐克公司在中国有124家工厂,有70%的耐克鞋都是中国制造的;是全球最多的。而我们 中国只能从自己所制作的每一双耐克鞋中赚到1美元的利润。美国人却可以什么实际的活都没干,通过一个很虚的“品牌概念”。将其卖到80—120美金。但我 们中国却“很实在地”费尽苦力,消耗大量的能源和工人的汗水,才能够换来一美金。这太不公平了!




知 己知彼,才能百战不殆。既然美国人是这样赚钱的,中国又是如何赚钱的呢?要知道,我国目前的GDP总值,在全世界已经排名第二了。可我们的人均GDP却仅 仅只是全世界的第87名,排名甚低。那么,我国的两个GDP指数,为什么会有这么大的差异呢?中国的赚钱方法是什么呢?













同胞们的这些努力,让光鲜的iPhone手机背后,都印有Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China“加州苹果设计、中国组装”。

















据 美国政府部门公布的一个数据表明:2011年度,美国人的平均健康保险基金达到了每人15073美金。算上三亿多的美国人口基数,一年美国花在健康保险上 的钱,就达30万亿元人民币之多,这是一个极为惊人的数字。比尔盖茨一辈子不就赚了几百亿美金吗?美国医疗市场一年就要用掉几万亿美金,这能创造出多少个 世界首富?如果中国人去美国搞医疗,估计中国就能够出现几百个比现在的首富比尔盖茨更有钱的“超级世界首富”了。

而 且,在研究了美国人易得的疾病后,我发现:有些病极其简单,很容易治好。但是他们花了很多钱还治不好。比如:美国人由于生活方式不良,很容易导致脊椎错 位,引起腰背疼痛:美国2005年脊椎治疗的开销达到近860亿美元(也就是5000亿人民币,而这比美国人20年来从中国赚到的留学费用总和还多)。如 果我们仅仅帮助美国人把腰直起来,我就比巴菲特还有钱了。

不 过,我最感兴趣的病是“癌症”,因为美国人的腰直不起来,不会危急生命,所以也不会太着急。赚的钱也就不够多。如果能够帮美国人治癌症,我们想要多少钱, 美国人都一定会给的。花钱买命,一定是最大方的。我一研究发现:太好了,市场非常广大。美国人得癌症的人很多,他们每20人里就有一名癌症患者。每四个人 中就有一个死于癌症,全国至少有1500万人患有癌症。这里面有多少钱可以赚到手?










进 一步的研究,我发现美国对于治病根本是外行:他们根本不关心病因,只关心“消除病的症状”。他们把人当做一台机器一样看待,完全不理解人体是一个精妙的生 命;是典型的儿童思维。这种思维模式,会让他们很认真地干出很荒唐的事情。假如要西医来治疗脊椎问题中的驼背,他们会怎么干呢?



上 面讲的西医治驼背的故事当然是个笑话;不过事实上他们还真是这样做的;他们设计了很“精密”的机器,负责从两头慢慢的“拉”长病人。有时候机器没有控制 好,就把病人拉残废了;每年都会制造很多类似的“医疗事故”。但是他们很狡猾,说是病人的身体“不适应治疗”。由于病人事先都要签字同意才上机器,因此告 都没法告他们。











后来才知道:原来我们国家现在并没有真正的中医。他们都是用西医编写的“中医教材”,用西医的方法和思想来学习如何治疗疾病的。因此,我们国家的中医,不仅 不懂中医,连西医都赶不上,学了个不中不西的半吊子。这笔钱,他们就算是想要都拿不到,因此,我们国家的中医,基本上就是帮西医打工。


要做一个真正的中医,就必须“道 武 医”三者都结合;就像是孙思邈一样的人。我会努力练武,成为世界首富。不仅如此,我还要学习老子的“道德经”等道家经典著作,掌握真正的“道”。成为一个真正的医生。

另 外,我们东方正统的中医,认为人体是由“身 心 灵”三个部分组成的。生病也是因为这三个部分出了问题。因此要治疗,也必须从“身,心,灵”三个地方同时下手治疗。因此我还要好好学习身心灵的有关知识。 不要像一个西医一样,仅仅把人看成一个甚至连有生命的物质都不是,把人看成一台机器,动不动就撤下来修理或者是换零件。我会尽可能利用和帮助提高生命的自 然修复力来治疗病人。


清 朝时期有一位名医,名为:叶天士。据历史记载,清代藩宪(fan一声,xian二声)听说自己可以升官,于是感到非常的高兴,就目盲了,目盲之后,急忙派 人去请名医叶天士来治病。叶天士了解他发病详情之后便说:“我是一方名医,你怎能就这样请我?必须备全副礼仪来,方可前往。”仆人回去禀告了藩宪,藩宪大 怒,旁边的人都劝他不要计较,先答应名医的要求,如果治不好目盲,在来重罚不迟。于是派人全副礼仪的相迎,但谁也没想到,叶天士并不买单,又说,“去回禀 大人,必须由藩夫人亲自来请我!”藩宪听了之后,怒不可遏(e四声),咆哮如雷。在这期间,藩大人还怒气未消,却双目忽然复明;大家都觉得很奇怪,难以理 解。而叶天士已经匆匆的赶到藩宪府上请罪了,对藩大人说:“我并不是无礼得罪大人,而是为了治好大人的病。”藩大人于是从怒转喜,重礼相酬。   

这 故事听起来很神,其实叶天士只是运用《黄帝内经》中的理论;心藏神,过度兴奋和喜乐伤神,暴喜将心神荡散,导致暴盲;怒为阳胜,喜为阴胜,阴胜制阳,阳胜 制阴,就让藩大人暴怒,以阳制阴,阴阳平衡,目盲就消散啦。可见,叶天士就是很懂医理,也懂得人心和情绪对身体的影响,才会这样治疗的。

最 终的结论就是:我想做真正的中医,是非常有优势的:因为现在的其他孩子,都要进体制学校读书。这种教育限制了他们的学习和思维空间,导致他们只会用西医的 思维来看待疾病。因此无论将来她们长大后去做西医还是做中医,都不可能是我的对手。因为我从小就在很重视传统文化的学堂学习,没有受到太多的应试教育的毒 害。很早就开始学习连中国研究生都不学习的【黄帝内经】,【道德经】等古代经典著作。而且我们学堂的老师和学生,一直坚持“道武医”三结合的学习方式;我 们学堂的刘老师,还是“身心灵”三者同步研究,国内具有很高水平的老师。因此我想成为一名真正的东方医学传人,是最有条件的。






第 三:为了让病人放心,怕我们骗钱。我们就申明:治好一个癌症病人10-30万美金(根据不同的癌症和早晚期状态,分别定价。但是承诺:如果治不好,全额退 费。由于美国的医院是治好了收钱,治不好了,照样收钱,还收命;让病人人财两空。因此,假如我们“只要钱,不要命,专门救命”,我们的医院一定很快就获得 病人的拥护。








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How To Ace a Job Interview: 7 Research-Backed Tips

How To Ace A Job Interview: 7 Research-Backed Tips

1) Be Similar to The Interviewer

“Be yourself” can actually be a problem.

If you want to know how to ace a job interview it’s important to note that study after study shows the key to being liked and being more influential is similarity.

Research shows you can take advantage of this by researching the interviewer and coming across as similar to them:
After carefully transcribing and analyzing her interviews and field notes from observations in the firm, Rivera determined that, by the time a candidate had made it through the relevant resume screenings and landed an interview, her evaluation was not necessarily based on “maximizing skill—finding the person who was absolutely best at the soft or the hard dimensions of the job,” as Rivera puts it. Rather, the most common mechanism by which a candidate was evaluated was her similarity to her interviewer.
No lies are necessary. Think attitude.

Do they come across as aggressive and hard-charging or calm and passive? Do they come across as cultured or school of hard knocks?

2) Timing Matters

You might not have much control over this but make an effort to manipulate the timing to your advantage.
Research shows interviews go better when:

3) Frame the Conversation

First impressions matter even more than you think. And once they’re set, they are very hard to resist. Mastering first impressions is a key part of learning how to ace a job interview.
Research shows they’re the most important part of any job interview:
By careful analysis, the researchers found that all of these factors influenced the final interview ratings, and that this was due to the way they shaped first impressions: after those first few minutes, there was little extra influence of these qualities across the rest of the interview.
Optimize first impressions from the outset by framing the conversation with a few well-rehearsed sentences regarding how you want to be perceived. This will end up being the structure the other person forms their memories around.

If you start out with a few well-rehearsed sentences about why you are the right person for the job, this first impression can help set the tone for your interview and for what is taken away from the meeting.
After people make positive public statements about you they will subconsciously feel the need to not contradict them.

4) Feel Powerful

People who felt powerful before going in to an interview performed better:
Priming participants with feelings of power improves professional interview outcomes… In both studies, unaware judges significantly preferred the power-primed applicants.
As I’ve posted before, “fake it ’til you make it” works.
How can you make sure you feel powerful? Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy recommends doing a “power pose” in private before the interview:
Preparatory power posing is taking a few minutes before walking into a stressful interaction or situation to open up, occupy more space, and make yourself big. Stand with your feet apart and your hands on your hips, or with your arms reaching up in a ‘V.’ Or sit with your legs in front of you, feet propped up on desk or a table, leaning back, with your hands on the back of your head, fingers interlaced, and elbows pointing out.
Try power poses in the elevator, a bathroom stall, the stairwell…wherever you can find two minutes of privacy.
Does striking poses in the bathroom sound silly to you? Don’t laugh — it works:
As predicted, high power posers performed better and were more likely to be chosen for hire, and this relationship was mediated only by presentation quality, not speech quality. Power pose condition had no effect on body posture during the social evaluation, thus highlighting the relationship between preparatory nonverbal behavior and subsequent performance.
What type of people naturally know how to ace a job interview? Narcissists.
Now you don’t want to be overbearing but better to toot your own horn than to have it go untooted:
Narcissists scored much higher in simulated job interviews than non-narcissists, researchers found. They pointed to narcissists’ innate tendency to promote themselves, in part by engaging and speaking at length, which implied confidence and expertise even when they were held to account by expert interviewers.

5) Have a Strong Handshake

Your handshake matters a lot more than you might think.
…experts at the University of Iowa analyzing interactions in job interviews declared handshakes “more important than agreeableness, conscientiousness, or emotional stability.”
And it’s correlated with getting an offer:
Five trained raters independently evaluated the quality of the handshake for each participant. Quality of handshake was related to interviewer hiring recommendations.

6) Know the Right Questions To Ask

Many people struggle with that moment in most interviews where they ask “Do you have any questions for us?”
This is not only a good time to get information but it’s a great time to impress them with an insightful question.
Quora and Inc offer a few winners:
  • Thinking back to people who have been in this position previously, what differentiated the ones who were good from the ones who were really great?
  • How would you describe the culture of the company?
  • What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 to 90 days?

7) Know How To Negotiate Salary

I’ve posted a lot of research about effective negotiating including my interviews with Robert Cialdini and FBI hostage negotiators.

But what’s the thing Harvard’s MBA school says is most important for landing a big offer?
“They need to like you.”
About 3:30 into the video below:
Here’s the equation for getting what you want. Cutting to the chase: You want to get more. You want more money, a better offer, a better deal; here are the components of what you need to do. First, they need to like you. That’s the first component. The things you do that make them like you less make it less likely that you are going to get what you want…

Nokia bids farewell, renames to Microsoft Mobile

Finish mobile brand Nokia Oyj will be dropping its iconic name this month in light of Microsoft’s acquisition of the company set to conclude in coming weeks.

A leaked letter acquired by Nokiapoweruser which was sent to Nokia’s suppliers said that the mobile brand will now have a new name: Microsoft Mobile Oy.

The deal doesn’t really mean the end of Nokia but it marks its consolidation with Microsoft as the companies, both former leaders of their respected industries, join forces to reclaim their titles from the likes of Samsung and Apple.

Microsoft spent 5.44 billion euros for the acquisition, which includes Nokia’s Devices & Services, mobile phones unit and licenses to Nokia’s patents. In addition, Microsoft will acquire the Lumia and Asha brand for use in future products.

Nokia will continue to own and manage the Nokia brand, retaining its patent portfolio and will grant Microsoft a 10-year license to its patents. In turn, Microsoft will grant Nokia rights to use Microsoft patents in its HERE services.

Around 32,000 people are expected to transfer to Microsoft, including 4,700 people in Finland and 18,300 employees directly involved in manufacturing, assembly and packaging of products worldwide

A copy of Nokia’s letter can be read below:

Dear Supplier,

On September 3, 2013, Nokia Corporation announced its intention to sell substantially all of its Devices and Services Business to Microsoft Corporation. We anticipate the transaction to close during April 2014.

Under the terms of the sale, Microsoft will assume all rights, benefits and obligations of the Nokia Devices and Services business, including Nokia’s agreements with suppliers, customers and partners which pertain to the Devices and Services business. Therefore, the purpose of this letter is to update you that the current terms and conditions that you have with the Devices and Services business will not change.

Please note that upon the close of the transaction between Microsoft and Nokia, the name of Nokia Corporation/Nokia Oyj will change to Microsoft Mobile Oy. Microsoft Mobile Oy is the legal entity name that should be used for VAT IDs and for the issuance of invoices.


New name and registered address replacing Nokia Oyj/Nokia Corporation is:

Microsoft Mobile Oy

Keilaranta 7

02150 ESPOO


New Bank Accounts: Please note that Microsoft Mobile Oy is going to have new bank accounts, for further information please contact us via AP Portal: (registration required).

There is NO change in the invoice sending method, please continue to send the invoices via electronic channels as before.

For further information on changes (legal address/send to address) after the close of the transaction between Microsoft and the Nokia Devices and Services business, please check our Invoice Address Search tool (IAS): (No registration required), or contact us via AP Portal: (Registration required).

Please note that the only changes in the Purchase Order (PO) layout after the close of the transaction will be to remove the Nokia Logo and change the legal address, whereas the PO numbering format and sequence will not change.

Continuation of business with Nokia

In addition to becoming a supplier for Microsoft Mobile Oy, we appreciate that you might also remain a supplier to the continuing businesses of Nokia (i.e., NSN, HERE or Advanced Technologies) after the close of the transaction between Microsoft and Nokia Devices and Services. Nokia will communicate separately any changes in invoicing methods and addresses before the close of this transaction.

Best regards,

Nokia Devices and Services Financial Services Purchase to Pay Team

Five most watched Gregg Homme Videos

Gregg Homme is a brand that has become known for more than its outrageous underwear. When Gregg Homme prepares for a campaign, we can surely expect nothing but the most provocative Gregg Homme videos to complement the sexy and barely there designs.

As we searched for the best of the best/most viewed Gregg Homme videos up to now, we discovered that three campaigns reigned supreme: One Night Stand, The Business Strip, and Provoke. These videos starred three Gregg Homme juggernauts: Philip Fusco, Thierry Pepin, and Anthony Ferla.

For more information about this brand: Gregg Homme

5) One Night Stand Part 1

4) Business Strip Part 1

3) Provoke Part 1

2) Business Strip Part 2

1) Provoke Part 2

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「教育部深信,我國所保有的正體字華語教學與豐富多元的文化內涵,以及六十年來的優質華語教學聲譽,加上經過專業訓練的優秀華語師資,以及臺灣多元文化的豐富內涵,足以吸引優質的外國學習者,開拓另一個華語巿場客層。(提供全方位師資、課程 邁向華語文產業輸出大國)」







在國際語言教學的市場上,正體中文的威力,不應該是正統傳承,而應該是直接跟簡化字單挑誰最簡單、易學,誰是更高效的入門選擇。我們應該建立只有傳 統字才是「可以理解,不用死背,最適合外國人學習的中文」的品牌形象。直接針對簡化字的罩門發起攻擊,台灣才可能在整個市場上爭得自己的市場占有率。






「有很多新造的簡體字,不但看起來很怪,甚至可以說很醜。對我來說,這些簡體字其實更難記住。所以每次我要學習新字的時候,我一定先去看原始未簡化 的「原體字」,熟悉其字形結構,辨認出部首、聲旁,努力去看出那個字背後隱含的古老圖像。只有在我摸清楚每個「原體字」真正的意義後,我才有辦法學會並記 住新的簡體字。﹂


























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33 Graphs That Reveal Painfully True Facts About Everyday Life

Danish writer/artist duo Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler create comedy cartoons and graphs depicting the everyday struggles, irritations, and insights of their fellow Westerners. Official-looking graphs show unofficial statistics from our daily lives that are at once unexpected and glaringly obvious.

The duo publishes their satirical creations every day on Wumo, their webcomic and newspaper cartoon strip (formerly known as Wulffmorgenthaler). Their cartoon career started in a comic strip competition in 2001. Their victory gave them the opportunity to be published in Politiken, a national Danish newspaper, for one month. Things continued looking up when their strip became very popular and became a regular feature in several blogs and newspapers in Scandinavia and Germany. Now their comic strip is a regular in The New York Times.

Take a look at this collection of graphs – are they true for you as well?

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RIP the legendary Tiger of Jelutong, Karpal Singh

RIP the legendary Tiger of Jelutong, Karpal Singh... Feels sad to read this, having lost a prominent voice for the citizens in the Parliament. The 1 voice that has spoken for us for years!!!

IPOH - Anggota Parlimen Bukit Gelugor Karpal Singh dan pembantu peribadinya maut dalam kemalangan membabitkan kenderaan serba guna (MPV) yang dinaikinya dan lori di Kilometer 306.1 Lebuhraya Utara Selatan laluan utara berhampiran Gua Tempurung di Kampar awal pagi ini.

Ketua Polis Daerah Kampar Superintenden Ng Kong Soon berkata Karpal Singh, 74, dan pembantu peribadinya Michael Cornelius, 40-an, maut di tempat kejadian.

Selain itu, katanya, pembantu rumah Karpal Singh, seorang wanita warga Indonesia cedera parah dan mengalami pendarahan di bahagian otak sementara anak lelaki pemimpin DAP itu, Ram Singh, 38, dan pemandu kenderaan MPV tidak mengalami kecederaan dalam kemalangan pada pukul 12.40 pagi itu.

"Siasatan awal polis mendapati kenderaan MPV jenis Toyota Alphard berwarna putih yang membawa lima penumpang termasuk Karpal Singh dalam perjalanan dari Kuala Lumpur ke Pulau Pinang dipercayai hilang kawalan apabila tiba di kawasan kejadian dan melanggar bahagian kanan lori yang sedang bergerak di sebelah kiri laluan itu," katanya ketika dihubungi Bernama di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata lori lima tan yang membawa muatan simen, besi dan mozek itu dipercayai bergerak perlahan di sebelah kiri laluan ke utara itu memandangkan ia membawa muatan berat dan tempat kejadian juga merupakan kawasan laluan berbukit.

Ng berkata kesemua mangsa dibawa ke Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun di sini. Operasi menyelamat kesemua mangsa dalam kemalangan itu dibantu anggota Bomba dan Penyelamat di tempat kejadian, katanya. - Bernama

Read more:

A Tribute to Karpal Singh - Never Gone 永远怀念卡巴星

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When And How To Tuck In Your Shirt

Why talk about something so basic?

Is there really a need to teach men something most of us have been doing since we were 5?

Well, yes, actually. Just look around. How many men do you see sporting a billowy, unkempt-looking shirt?
Or what about that guy giving a presentation who unconsciously re-tucked his shirt three times during a 5-minute talk?

Most men probably have no system for tucking in their shirts.

Just because you do something doesn’t mean you are doing it correctly.

The goal of this article is to expose you to a few tactics that might eliminate the nuisance of an un-tucked or wrongly tucked shirt.

So let’s get started!

What To Tuck And What Not To Tuck

When should you tuck in your shirt? It’s a question that’s often debated. Here are a few guidelines:
Shirts that are made with a flat bottom hem are meant to be worn untucked. But if the shirt has visible “tails” — that is to say, the hem varies in length, rather than being even all the way around — it should always be tucked in.

Wearing a shirt with tails untucked is not a forbidden look. But it is a juvenile one. With nothing else on the upper body, it makes you look like a teen rebel at a grown-up wedding. Under a jacket or with a suit, being untucked makes you look like you’re trying too hard to be stylishly rumpled.

There are men who will insist on the artfully un-tucked shirt. More power to them. But for my money, tucking in a shirt with tails will always give you a sharper and more mature look.

If your shirt doesn’t have visible tails, there’s more leeway on whether you should leave it tucked or untucked:
  • Undershirts — These can always be tucked, and absolutely should be if there’s any chance of them poking out from beneath your other layers. For best results, tuck undershirts into underwear (more on this below).
  • Polo shirts — They have an even hem and can be worn untucked, but are often tucked in for a little dressier look, especially by golfers. Rugby shirts, their long-sleeved cousins, are almost never tucked in, however.
  • Turtleneck/roll collars — When worn under a sports jacket or blazer, these are often tucked so that the belt buckle is visible. On their own, it’s better to leave them untucked.
  • Hawaiian shirts — These and any other loud-print shirts don’t get tucked no matter what their hem looks like. Seriously, just don’t. Nothing looks dorkier than a tucked-in vacation shirt. This goes for Guayaberas as well.
  • T-shirts — Opinions are going to vary widely here. Some subcultures love the tucked T-shirt with the visible belt buckle; others will think you look like a total nerd. It depends a lot on the shirt, the belt, and the trousers, as well as your overall style. In general, don’t tuck the T-shirt unless it’s a deliberate style statement.
Need more?
Check out what Andy over at Primer has to say about tucking in your shirt and looking good (for you anti-tuckers!). I’ve also covered when to tuck and when not to tuck in video format. Finally, Beth over at Dappered gives us a woman’s opinion.

What Is The Proper Way To Tuck In A Shirt?

When it’s time to tuck in your shirt, do it the right way.

TheGigLine AOM 400

A good tuck should make the front of your body smooth and flat.

If your waist tapers below your rib cage, that should be visible. There should be no wrinkling and no “muffin-topping” — where the shirt blouses out over the trouser waist and makes a ring around your midsection.

You should also have a clean “gig line” — a military term for the imaginary line straight down the front of your body, from the point of your chin to your crotch. A well-tucked shirt should sit so that the shirt placket (the rectangle of fabric where the front buttons are located) lines up precisely with the fly of your trousers. The belt buckle and trouser button should be centered neatly in that same line.

A clean gig line divides your body cleanly, emphasizing evenness of proportion. It also tells people that you pay attention to detail — or it might be more accurate to say that a sloppy gig line tells people you don’t. Either way, you want it crisp and vertical.

Finally, keep in mind that a good shirt fit in the first place will always make tucking the shirt in easier.

The less excess fabric you’re dealing with around the waist, the less your tuck has to secure. A well-fitted shirt is also sure to be long enough for an effective tuck, while a short shirt will always be in danger of escaping no matter how well you tuck it.

1. The Basic Trouser Tuck

This is where most men start and finish their shirt-tucking education — shirttails inside the trousers but above the underpants, shoved straight down all the way around the waist. It’s the no-thought way to do it, and it’s the most common as a result.

TheMilitaryTuck4S_AOM 400

Here’s the easiest way to do this one, and you’ve probably done it a million times unless your father taught you a different method from a young age: put your underwear on, then put your shirt on and button it up, and then finally pull your pants on, buttoning them closed over the shirttails.

Your shirt ends up pinned beneath your trousers with no effort on your part. It just got there by virtue of the order you did things. And as long as your trousers aren’t too loose, the shirt will probably stay there. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean this is a bad tuck.

If you don’t want to think too hard, this is the way to go. But be cautioned: it works well with a fitted shirt, and terribly with anything else. If your shirt doesn’t have a close, well-tailored fit, you need a little more technique to deal with the excess fabric.

2. The Military Tuck

This is how the armed forces are taught to tuck in their uniform shirts. It creates a pair of folded pleats, which are then pinned flat by the trouser waist for a crisp, stiff tuck.

Different services in different countries have variations on this, but the basic principle is the same: you stand straight in your shirt, and if there’s any loose fabric hanging on either side of you, you fold it into a sharp, diagonal crease, sort of like making the nose on a paper airplane. Then you tuck the creases in at the hips, belting your trousers on above them.

Below are the step-by-step instructions. Don’t be discouraged if this one takes you a few tries to get right! It really starts to shine once you’ve practiced it enough for the movements to become routine.

MilitaryTuck TopView AOM 400
  1. Have your pants on, but unbuttoned. You’ll need to close them up quickly over the shirt once you’re done with your folding.
  2. Pinch each of the shirt’s side seams between a thumb and forefinger. Pull down to tug all the fabric taut.
  3. Fold the seams backward toward your rear end, creating a pleat that folds over any loose fabric in the sides. Use enough pressure to pull the shirtfront smooth and taut across the front of your chest.
  4. Button your pants up and belt them to hold the pleats flat against your body. Depending on how much excess fabric the shirt had, the folds should sit somewhere behind your hips, underneath the back of your armpits.
The military tuck can take practice getting the folds straight and flat, and it works best in stiff, smooth fabrics that can hold the crease well. Use it any time you’ve got excess fabric around the waist and sides of the shirt.

3. The Underwear Tuck

No, I’m not talking about tucking your dress shirt into your underwear.

How To Keep Your Shirt Tucked In AOM 400

Although this method is effective, it can backfire when your puppy dog boxers creep up past your waistline.
No, the underwear tuck refers to the need to properly tuck your undershirt into your underwear in order to ensure the dress shirt is between your underwear and trousers (vs. your undershirt and dress shirt sitting between your underwear and trousers).

Believe it or not this small difference has a large impact on how your shirt stays tucked in throughout the day.
Your ideal tuck, if you’re an undershirt wearer, should go in this order, from the body outward: undershirt, waistband of your underwear, regular shirt, waistband of the trousers, and finally your belt.

Oh, and if this doesn’t work well enough, you should look into purchasing a pair of underwear with grip technology that is designed to hold your dress shirt in place. My friend Mike over at RibbedTee just designed the Stuck Boxer Briefs, and makes them right here in the USA!

4. Shirt Stays — The Ultimate Shirt Tuck

A method with some extra help: small garters tug the bottom of the shirt taut beneath the trousers.
The phrase “shirt stays” is sometimes used to refer to collar stays (the flat tabs inside the points of some dress shirt collars), but it also refers to a specialized sort of garter. These are used by several militaries around the world, and are also popular among sharp dressers.

DressShirtStays_AOM 400

Basically, the stays are just a pair of small, elasticized garters with clips at the ends. You put your shirt on first and button it up, clipping one end of the garters to the tips of your shirttails (the stays come in sets of two, one for each shirttail/trouser leg). Then you put your socks on, and attach the lower clips to them, adjusting the buckles until the shirt is held straight but not taut.

Then you put your trousers on and get used to the feeling of elastic bands running vertically up your legs. It takes a few minutes to get used to, but I personally don’t notice it and rather enjoy the compliments a tidy look brings!

Recently there’s been a wave of alternative products that serve the same basic function with different mechanisms. There are high-friction belts worn under the trousers to cinch a shirt into place, underpants with clips that grip the hem of the shirt directly, and even little magnetized catches worn under the trousers to hold the shirt in place.

If you’re willing to add another item to your morning dressing routine, these can work well. Find the one you like and stick with it!

Watch a whole video on shirt stays to learn even more!

Bad Tucks

In addition to simply not tucking in a shirt that is made to be tucked in, there are a couple of bad ways to tuck:

The Half-Tuck
Tucked in at the back, but with one of the two shirttails in front (usually the left one — the one with the button, not the one with the buttonhole) popped out and waving in front of the trousers.
It’s supposed to be a sexy, just-rolled-out-of-bed look, or something.

Unless you’re Brad Pitt, you just look like you did a bad job tucking back in after going to the bathroom. It’s a step up from a piece of toilet paper stuck to your heel, but it’s not a big step.

The Once-Tucked
Once you’ve made the decision to tuck in your shirt, commit to it. Untucking a shirt that you’ve been wearing half the day in your pants results in the bottom section being wrinkled and rumpled — giving you a disheveled look. This is especially important if you’re going to wear a dress shirt untucked; when you decide to bend some of the rules, it’s easier to pull off if you’ve at least pressed the shirt from top to bottom. Brett will show you how it’s done.

The Tuck with No Belt
Obviously, when you tuck in your shirt, the top of your pants (and therefore any belt loops and buttons) will show. If your pants have belt loops, wear a belt. If you don’t like wearing a belt, consider removing the loops. Most of my own trousers utilize side straps versus belt loops, so just know your preference and buy the type of trouser that suits you best.

Watch a video recap:

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來自腫瘤醫院醫生的忠告: 別勸別人喝酒了!除非你跟他有刻骨銘心的仇!

一位醫生說的:今天我們科室又收來16 個食道癌的患者,最年輕的才27歲, 全是食管中段的病變。幸運的是都是早期癌。

再次給大家普及!喝酒臉紅的人是體內缺少解酒的物質,臉紅是中毒的癥狀,這樣的人喝酒比其他人患食道癌的概率多16到28倍。 正能量轉發!

朋友要體諒,不要拚酒量。 以前的酒還是糧食做的,現在的酒基本上是水和化學物質勾兌的。




我希望能經常看到你! 還因為身邊有一群愛喝酒的朋友!


喝酒上臉的人真能喝酒 嗎?有沒有科學依據?

親朋好友相聚常 常要喝點酒,推杯換盞間,有些人酒一下肚臉就紅了,以前人們多認為這是不勝酒力;近年來,“臉紅人酒量大、代謝快”的說法占據了主流。近日,一 位俞先生來電,稱自己一喝酒就臉紅,生意場上的朋友都說他能喝,在一次喝了二兩白酒 後,吐得一塌糊塗不說,半夜去醫院急診打保肝吊針才緩過來,“我真的是喝怕了!”

  “喝酒上臉的人真能喝酒 嗎?有沒有科學依據?”這樣的話題在各大網絡上流傳,關註的人不僅是經常喝酒的人。



  她說,任何食物進入人體後都要進行消化代謝。酒精代謝主要靠肝臟裏的乙醛脫氫酶2(ALDH2)。酒量大的人,體內的乙醛脫氫酶2相對夠用。而喝酒紅臉的人,說明肝臟內的乙醛脫氫酶2偏少,酒精代謝會因此減慢、受阻,存留體內的酒精刺 激血管擴張,導致臉色、及身體其它部位的皮膚發紅(如頸部),另外還會出現心跳加快、惡心等醉酒癥狀。

  “喝酒臉紅的 人並不能喝酒,這種結論在國外研究界也已經認定。”施先艷告訴記者,美 國《PlosMedicine》雜誌2009年第3期第6卷上,刊載了一篇名為《酒精性臉紅 的反應:來自於飲酒關於食管癌未知的風險因素》的論文,美國國家酗酒與酒精中 毒研究所和日本久裏濱酒精過敏研究中心的研究人員的聯合研究發現,對於體內缺乏乙醛脫氫酶2或這種酶不能正常發揮作用的人群來說,患食道癌的風險隨酒精攝入量的增多而增大。這種風險發生的幾率的可能遠遠大於那些飲酒後“面不改色”的人群。


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2014年04月11日 - 钱途屋语:买房要准备多少钱?
















须准备头期钱律师费等 首购族享优惠










善用免费谘询服务 掌握可承担房贷价